Americans should be able to seek help from law enforcement without having their private lives turned to tabloid fodder. Jill Kelley’s story is both a warning and a call to action; reading it will make you question the judgment of high officials and recognize the need for stronger privacy protections. If Jill Kelley brings the same formidable spirit to her new role as a privacy advocate that she brought to her work as a CENTCOM ambassador, perhaps we will finally achieve some long overdue reforms.
– Ben Wizner, ACLU Director, Speech, Privacy & Technology Project

This story is what every American fears: the damage that can be caused by our government’s electronic overreach — the collection of everything about everyone — and the catastrophe that can occur when government agents are given free rein to invade people’s private communications, with the boundless tools available to them.

This story goes far beyond the narrative of one powerful man’s unbridled ego, ill-timed infidelity, a jealous stalker and her relentless efforts to haunt an innocent family along with the world’s most iconic military leaders.

This book provides never-disclosed details about a historic FBI investigation and how federal agents unlawfully snooped into a private citizen’s personal emails, cynically turning the victim into an international sensation in one of the most widely reported email scandals to change the political landscape of our country’s leadership.

In this memoir, you will learn about the fictitious proxy scandal that was created, complete with previously unpublished emails and text-message conversations.

This book chronicles, in postmodern form, the untold scandal behind the scandal.