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Jill Kelley is an advocate and author on electronic privacy rights, and former honorary Diplomat.

Kelley has written for numerous national publications on legal issues and loopholes pertaining to electronic communications and the current challenges to our civil liberties.

In her memoir, Jill tells a story is that every American fears: the damage that can be caused by our government’s electronic overreach — the collection of everything about everyone — and the catastrophe that can occur when politically motivated government agents are given free rein to invade people’s private communications, with the boundless tools available to them.

She warns how the government continues to illegally collect data on many innocent Americans – and how we must demand more safeguards and legal protections.

Kelley introduces the necessary reforms needed to give greater protections to electronic communications and Internet security.

In 2014, Kelley won the support of two U.S. Congressmen to advocate for privacy reforms through greater government accountability. In September 2016, Ms. Kelley received the prestigious invitation to speak at Yale University.

Prior to her public activism on domestic policies, Mrs. Kelley served as an Honorary Diplomat. She met regularly with Royals, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Parliaments. Known to be the ‘connective tissue’ to the diplomatic world, Kelley’s expertise and influence focused on international dialogue throughout multiple commanderships. Kelley was appointed the first Honorary Ambassador to the United States Central Command Coalition.

Because of her background and international appointments, Ms. Kelley is an expert on Military Diplomacy; She advised on the geopolitical issues unfolding in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Representing over 60 multi national forces, Jill can remark on the nuances and diplomatic implications by our military’s impact on the region of central command. Her pursuit was on cross-cultural diplomacy and global trust. Her niche focused on a coalition of foreign allies to implement international exchange through culture, economics, politics, military and social advances. Ms. Kelley can opine from her own personal experience as she continues to communicate with many heads of state. She understands the intricacies and complexities facing our allies in midst of several wars. Throughout her leadership, she successfully increased the number of coalition forces using her personal collaboration with international leaders to join our campaign of terror.

Free Trade via the Korean Peninsula; Jill was bestowed a honorary diplomatic appointment by the Republic of South Korea. The government nominated Jill to promote free-trade through military, economic and political growth between ROK/US FTA. The Honorable Kelley was the youngest appointed Honorary Consul General to the Republic of South Korea.

In addition to her writing and speaking engagements, Ms. Kelley is currently working with infamous encryptors and start-ups in Silicon Valley to address electronic interceptions and unwanted surveillance in efforts to offer an alternative internet experience in the future.


Jill Kelley is an expert on international advocacy and foreign policy. Known to be the ‘connective tissue’ to the diplomatic world, Mrs Kelley has been recognized as one of the most globally instrumental Lebanese-American women.

Her work at the highest level of international leadership played a crucial role in informing and supporting U.S. military operations expanding over the multi-national forces of 60 countries, collectively called the “Coalition.” Kelley’s networks and knowledge of the Middle East, Asia and Europe has helped advance American interests during the most critical points in current history.

Mrs. Kelley is a former honorary Diplomat and served as the first Honorary Ambassador to the International Military Coalition Forces at United States Central Command under General James Mattis.

During her appointment, Kelley met regularly with Royals, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Parliaments to foster military, security and cultural relationships.

She received the esteemed Joint Chiefs of Staff Award for her leadership to the United States Military, as well as received the highest honor bestowed on behalf of the Coalition’s Multinational Military Forces, the largest military force in the world.

Because Mrs. Kelley is multilingual, she is able to bridge cross-cultural exchange and strategic relationships through her natural ability to create dialogue, in which she believes is the straightest road to diplomacy. She can advise on the diplomatic nuances and economic implications by our military presence in the area of region (AOR). She understands the intricacies and complexities facing our allies in midst of several wars.

As the only envoy to the 60 Multinational Coalition Nations, Jill understands the global vision to sustaining our coalition’s agendas and missions. Her unique accesses at the highest levels, has enabled her to be an instrumental role in influencing the course of peace, support, trade and military diplomacy across the international world. Kelley’s niche focuses on a coalition of foreign allies to implement international support through security, culture, economy, politics, military and social advances. Her unique expertise gives her the ability to opine on political and economic instabilities arising in the AOR- with the ability to predict and prevent the political vulnerabilities across the diplomatic community

Jill was the youngest appointed Honorary Consul General to South Korea. Her title was bestowed by the President of the Republic of South Korea because of her ability and expertise to influence and advance international trade and economic opportunities via the newly created U.S- Korea Free Trade Agreement.

The Honorable Jill Kelley is the President of Military Diplomacy Strategies, LLC.

Her advisory firm advises Ambassadors & Embassies by providing in-depth analysis on geo-political challenges and bi-lateral trade opportunities by galvanizing her deep knowledge of the global community combined with her senior level government relationships in the White House.

In 2018, Jill Kelley became one of the founding partners of Global Strategic Reserve; GSR is a sovereign and private sector backed market-based multilateral initiative to invest and coordinate key public, private and social sector partners and stakeholders to help support the Sustainable Development Goals on a global scale.

“Americans should be able to seek help from law enforcement without having their private lives turned to tabloid fodder. Jill Kelley’s story is both a warning and a call to action; reading it will make you question the judgment of high officials and recognize the need for stronger privacy protections. If Jill Kelley brings the same formidable spirit to her new role as a privacy advocate that she brought to her work as a CENTCOM ambassador, perhaps we will finally achieve some long overdue reforms.”

Ben Wizner, Director Speech, Privacy and Technology Project American Civil Liberties Union.




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