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The Honorable Jill Kelley is an expert on military diplomacy, international advocacy and foreign policy.

Known to be the ‘connective tissue’ to the diplomatic world, Mrs. Kelley has been recognized as one of the most globally instrumental Arab-American women.

Her work at the highest levels of international leadership played a crucial role in informing and supporting U.S. military operations expanding over the multi-national forces of 60 countries, collectively called the “Coalition.” Mrs. Kelley’s networks and knowledge of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe have helped advance American interests during the most critical points in current history.

Mrs. Kelley is a former honorary Diplomat and served as the first Honorary Ambassador to the International Military Coalition Forces at United States Central Command under General James Mattis. During her appointment, Mrs. Kelley met regularly with Royals, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Parliaments to foster military, security, and cultural relationships.

She received the esteemed Joint Chiefs of Staff Award for her leadership with the U.S. Military, as well as was the recipient of the Multinational Military Coalition’s Award on behalf of the largest military force in the world- an honor only bestowed upon a few individuals. Because Mrs. Kelley is multilingual, she is able to bridge cross-cultural exchange and strategic relationships through her natural ability to create dialogue, which she believes is the straightest road to diplomacy.

As the only envoy to the 60 Multinational Coalition Nations, Mrs. Kelley understands the global vision needed to sustain our coalition’s agendas and missions. Her unique access at the highest levels has enabled her to play an instrumental role in influencing the course of peace, support, trade, and military diplomacy across the world. Her unique expertise gives her the ability to opine on political and economic instabilities arising in the area of region (AOR), with the ability to predict and prevent the political vulnerabilities across the diplomatic community.

Mrs. Kelley was the youngest appointed Honorary Consul General to South Korea. Her title was bestowed by the President of the Republic of South Korea because of her ability and expertise to influence and advance international trade and economic opportunities via the newly created U.S- Korea Free Trade Agreement.

Mrs. Kelley is currently the President of Military Diplomacy Strategies, LLC. Her advisory firm advises Ambassadors and provides in-depth analysis of geo-political challenges and trade opportunities by galvanizing her deep accesses across the international community, combined with her senior level U.S. government relationships.

As an advisor to numerous embassies, Mrs. Kelley coordinates key public, private, and social sector partners and stakeholders to help support Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2018, Mrs. Kelley began forming an “Economic Coalition” by building a strategic collaboration of allied counties from her Military Coalition. Her mission was to counterbalance the economic inequalities and imbalances by creating new global infrastructure projects. By advancing this diplomatic solution, her mission serves both as a bond between the United States and Coalition Nations (60 countries) by simultaneously addressing national security threats and economic insecurity challenges around the international world.

Mrs. Kelley is married to Dr. Scott Kelley. They have three beautiful daughters.

3 thoughts on “JILL KELLEY

  1. Steve Hughes

    Thanks very much for exposing the truth regarding your invasion of privacy, abuse of power for political reasons and injustice you suffered. Thank you also for your efforts and dedication to CENTCOM and the coalition.
    Steve Hughes, CAPT, USN-Retired

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your supportive email, Sir…
      And more importantly, thank you for your service to our country.
      I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and blessed new year!
      Sincerely, Jill Kelley

  2. John Barry

    My name is John Barry and I am a student at Yale. I recently applied to the position of “Privacy Advocate” with your organization that was listed on the Yale Career Services website. I am very interested.

    John Barry


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